Mario & Luigi RPG 11: Brothers In Time Story Is A Game For The 3DS


Fawful This Time Invaded The Dog Kingdom.

Not Only He Did That. But Also Blasted Bowser Out Of The Koopa Kingdom.

This Time, Bowser Landed On Junk Mountain.

Bowser Attacks Fawful. But He Is Defeated By Fawful.

Mario And Luigi Muffled Of What Happened.

They Set Off To Battle Such New Enemies And Travel To New Places.


Mushroom Kingdom (S)

Koopa Village

Toad City

Teehee Ruins - Boss: Wiggler

Snow Cablen

Beanbean Airport - Boss: Mom Piranha

Thwomp Volcano

DK Island

Koopa Cave - Boss: Hookbill Koopa (Optional)

Dimble Wood

Bowser Road

Spike Quiz - Boss: Spike (Optional)

Star Path

Junk Mountain Cave

Teewee Water

Koopa Cape - Boss: Gooper Blooper

Junk Mountain - Boss: Bowser

Gooy Drains

Dog Kingdom - Bosses: Bowser (Again) Fawful

(S) Means The Starting Point

Enemies. First Found:Edit

Goomba Toad City

Koopa Dimble Wood

Nacho Junk Mountain

Sumo Bro Bowser Road

Mini Spike Spike Quiz

Parabones Bowser Road

Fawful 2 Mushroom Kingdom

Playable CharactersEdit




Mario & Luigi RPG 11: Brothers In Time Story Is The Only Game That Does Not Have More Than 1 Wiggler.

Cameos Are:

Geno - Host Of The Map Screen

Bowetta - Host Of The Item Screen

Kamek - Host Of The Bros Item Screen

Kirby - Host Of The Badge Screen