Its A Mario Golf 3D Tour Ahahaha!

Number OneEdit

Geno In The Game


  1. Press A When Waluigi Says "Press Start Buddy!"
  2. Hold B Until 9-Volt Says "Oh Just Play Golf! With Me!!!!!!!"
  3. Press A B A B C.
  4. Press Start When Geno Says "Why Can I Not Play?"

And Then You Get Geno In The Game.

Number TwoEdit

Infinite Strokes


  1. Press C.
  2. Switch To Power.
  3. Use The Eagle Club Until The Stroke Number Reads 5.

And Then You Get Infinite Strokes.

Number ThreeEdit

Nintendo 64 Graphics


  1. Unlock Mario.
  2. Play As Geno In Training Mode.
  3. Get A Birdie As Geno.
  4. In Hole 8, Collect All Power Rings.
  5. Get A Double Bogey As Luigi In Hole 16.

Then You Can Switch Between Nintendo Kd Graphics & Nintendo 64 Graphics.

Number FourEdit

Donkey Kong 64 Demo


  1. Get A Hole In One.
  2. Make A Portable Kd.
  3. Insert 5 AR Cards in the card slot.
  4. Transfer The AR cards to another mario golf game.
  5. Get A Eagle As Geno On hole 4 of DK jungle ruins.

Then, you can play the donkey kong 64 demo whenever you want in extras.


AR Cards


  1. Watch Adventure Time On The Convertville U.
  2. Connect The Nintendo kd into your ipod unlimited.
  3. install Ar card kd on your ipod unlimited.

then, the card slot opens and you can now insert AR cards into it!