new super mario world do it yourself is a game for Pc, Ds, wii, nintendo 64 and nintendo 64dd.

180px-MushroomKingdom PM

From Paper Mario...

unlike the first new super mario world, it allows players to create your own games. There are nine designs:

1. Grass land

2. Dk island

3. space land

4. dark land

5. sea side

6. iced island

7. star road

8. big world

9. special world #

  1. Means that design has no castles or fortresses

deafult playable chars:






Unlockable chars:

Koops - Create And Beat One Game

Bowser Jr - Create And Beat Two Games

Goombella - Download Her At Char Scale

Toad - Create And Beat Three Games

Paper Mario - Download Him At Char Scale

Kirby - Create A Game Starring Goombario As The Hero


1. Bowser

2. Dry Bowser

3. Paper Bowser

4. Big mr. i

5. Mummipokey

6. Mega Whomp

7. Cheepskipper

8. Mega Goomba

9. Wiggler

10. Kammy Koopa

11. Shake King

12. Gooper Blooper

13. Doopliss

14. Tabbu

15. Monty mole Tank

16. Lakithunder

17. Mini Bowser

Limit Of Worlds That Can Be Created is 12

Now you can get 5 star coins instead of 3.

that game is also known as new super mario bros create anything in nintendo 64dd


mushroom - Turns Mario Into Super Mario

fireflower - turns mario into fire mario

poision mushroom - restores wario and waluigis hp and shrinks mario into small mario.

dash mushroom - turns wario into dash wario

raccoon suit - turns mario into raccoon mario

beer - turns bowser jr into beer bowser jr

shroob - turns waluigi into crazy waluigi

snow shroob - turns waluigi into snowball waluigi

mega mushroom - turn any char you are playing as into their mega forms




rosalina #

mushroom kings

donkey kong #

diddy kong #



  1. Means that dasmal is unlockable

Music for worlds:

World 1: Smb3 World 1 Nes

World 2: Dkc2 title screen

World 3: smg Purple coins

World 4: smw valley of bowser

World 5: smb underwater nes

World 6: sm64 cool cool mountain

World 7: smw star road

World 8: smb3 big island snes

World 9: smrpg forest maze

Music For Mini bosses:

smb bowser battle snes

Music For Bosses:

nsmbw koopaling battle 2

Music for bowser battle:

smrpg bowser battle

music for towers:

smb3 fortress snes

music for castles:

smb castle nes

music for overworld:

nsmbw overworld

music for underground:

nsmbw volcano cave

music for sky:

yoshis island overworld 2

music for desert:

nsmb desert

music for underwater:

nsmb underwater

music for space levels:

mr l's theme

music for donkey kong levels:

dkc2 ship

music for bonus levels:

smw bonus

mini bosses:

Boom Boom

Petey piranha

chomp shark

peewee piranha

dino piranha

bowser sr


shadow mario


beta bosses:


king k. rool

super piranha plant

king boo


beta mini bosses:



wet chomp shark


morton koopa sr





fire bar


dry bones


mega wiggler

angry mega wiggler

calm mega wigger

sad mega wigger

glad mega wigger

fishin boo

angry boo

dry boo

alive shroob

alive snow shroob

beta items:

mini mushroom - turns any char you are playing as into their mini forms

boo mushroom - turns any char you are playing as into their boo forms

shark mushroom - turns any char you are playing as into their shark forms

ztar - turns any char you are playing as into their dark forms

beta deafult chars:


toon link

hammer bro.

beta unlockable chars:

dry bowser

shadow luigi

beta foes:


cheep cheep


bowser cack rod

prince pineapple


D.I.Y Zone: Create Your Own Games

Custom Foe Zone: Create Your Own Foes

Sample Game Zone: Play The Sample Game

Save Zone: Save Your Created Game

Play Zone: Play Your Own Created Games

Char Scale (PC VERSION ONLY): Download chars

Char Center (DS VERSION ONLY): Download Chars

Char Downloader (WII, N64 AND N64DD ONLY): Download Chars

Release Date: March 8 2013 (PC) December 12 2013 (DS) May 2 2014 (WII AND N64) October 30 2014 (N64DD)